Nintendo is not attached to Switch's new anti-piracy software

Denuvo claims Nintendo isn't involved in Switch's new anti-piracy software.

Earlier this week, the unpopular DRM company Denuvo announced it's bringing the "Nintendo Switch Emulator Protection" to the console-handheld hybrid. The tech is designed to block unauthorized emulations of Switch games on PC, but its introduction has been met with dismay from Nintendo fans. Although the company insists that DRM integration doesn't impact games' performance, players tend to disagree.

Since the announcement, fans have been curious as to whether Nintendo is involved. The company is, after all, extremely protective of its titles and has been tackling the emulation issue for years. But in a statement to Kotaku(opens in new tab), a Denuvo spokesperson has clarified that Nintendo has no involvement in this new Switch DRM initiative. Instead, they claim it was developed in response to demand from publishing partners.

"Because of NDAs, we are not allowed to disclose company names, but we can say this solution comes from strong demand from publishing partners," the spokesperson said. They also reiterated that the technology wouldn't impact how games run. "Software publishers and Denuvo take great care to deliver the best gaming experience...The protection is designed not to affect the gamer's experience, and it does not have any in-game performance impact. It is the same for this new solution when protection is only active in non-performance critical code parts."

In another update to Kotaku, a Denuvo spokesperson clarified that the Switch's new anti-piracy software wouldn't require online checks. "We are aware that the Nintendo Switch is a mobile console and therefore has limited online capabilities, so we designed our solution to be fully offline, no online checks required," they said.

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Eh not that this really matters.


They're going to lose alot with sales with this bs


soo who really cares lol

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