Xbox Live Top 10: Halo 3, Trials HD, Forza 3 demo


As our more astute readers likely gathered from this very post's headline, another week has gone, so it's about time we checked in with Major Nelson to see what made his list of the most-played games on Xbox Live. Unsurprisingly, Bungie's dynamic duo of Halo 3 and Halo 3: ODST managed to do well, taking the first and third spots, respectively -- Call of Duty 4 was in the second slot, while Forza 3's demo managed to get some play time on folks' boxes, taking a tight turn into the seventh place spot.
On the XBLA side, Trials HD did backflips to the top of the list, beating out recent releases Zombie Apocalypse and Bust-A-Move Live!. The remainder of the XBLA list saw favorites Battlefield 1943 and Shadow Complex rounding out the remainder of the top five.[Via Joystiq]



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I think it should be Call of Duty 4 at the top every week only to be surpassed by Modern Warfare 2 when it is released.


Haha sucks for CoD WaW, they are over, CoD 4 is still going strong but idk wat will happen after MW 2 comes out, but hopefully it will be the 2nd spot


Trials or CoD 4 im torn between the two.


Halo 3 FTW. WTF why isn't cod waw up there? They are the best! Just wait. MP4 is a coming. :)


CoD should be well on top :( Halo.. meh


Trials HD ftw!