Dead Island 2 Gets Re-Revealed With New Trailer and 2023 Release Date

Dead Island 2 lives and it's coming very, very soon. The original Dead Island was a pretty massive title when it was released in 2011, largely thanks to an impressive marketing campaign that hooked players with its drama and unique setting. The game received mixed reviews, but went on to sell millions of copies, prompting a follow-up game in 2013. In 2014, a proper sequel to Dead Island, appropriately titled Dead Island 2, was announced, but quickly vanished from the public eye. In the time since, the game has changed developers multiple times, making many wonder if the game would ever see the light of day or if it would be dammed to development hell for eternity.

Following a recent Amazon leak, Dead Island 2 was re-revealed at Gamescom Opening Night Live. As was shown in the original trailer for the game in 2014, the sequel still takes place in sunny Los Angeles, California and will introduce all kinds of new ways to slay the undead. As one would hope, the game will also have co-op with up to three players. Dead Island 2 is currently slated to release on February 3rd, 2023, meaning fans won't have to wait too long to finally get their hands on it. It seem likely the team behind the game chose to wait to re-reveal the game until it was sure it could hit an imminent release window to avoid disappointing fans with another delay.

Dead Island 2 is coming off the heels of the first two Dying Light games which were massive hits both on a critical and commercial level. Although Dead Island sold well, the reviews were a bit all over the place. Now that the Dead Island series has some competition, it will hopefully put some pressure on the team to make something that can truly rival it. Whether a third Dead Island game is in the cards remains to be seen, but hopefully, it won't take nearly as long as the second game if the team opts to make it.

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It looks as good as the first one


I wasn't expecting a second one to ever come along!


hopefully this is sweet this game used to be so fun to mess around on

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