Nintendo reportedly shrinking its packaging boost Switch supply

Nintendo is reportedly planning to boost Switch supply by shrinking the size of the product’s packaging.

That’s according to a Nikkei report, which claims that the company will cut the size of the flagship Switch console’s outer packaging by 20% beginning in August.

The move is designed to help increase global supply of the console by improving transportation efficiency.

Earlier this month Nintendo reported a year-on-year hardware sales decline for its first quarter ended in June, which the company blamed partly on component shortages.

Nintendo said it expected procurement of components to improve from late summer towards the autumn.

The company also stuck to its 21 million hardware sales forecast for its current fiscal year ending in March 2023, which would represent a 9.8% decline from the previous year and a 37% decline from the year before that.

“Regarding Nintendo Switch, we will continue to convey the appeal of all three hardware models in order to maintain sales momentum and expand the install base,” it said.

Nikkei recently reported that Nintendo will not be announcing a Switch Pro or the successor to the Switch this year.

The report claimed that because of Nintendo’s focus on achieving its current sales plan, it’s concentrating entirely on building enough Nintendo Switch units with the components it’s been able to secure.

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Package shrinking is the way forward. proud of them


Nintendo been getting to it !

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