GTA Online Players Call For CEO Limit To Be Removed

Rockstar recently updated GTA Online with some much needed quality of life improvements. However, players have taken to Reddit to express their dissatisfaction with the CEO limit still imposed on online sessions.

Redditor Allu71 wrote, "It only makes the playing experience worse if you go to a full session, and provides no improvements to gameplay." Currently, there can only be a total of ten VIPs, CEOs, or MC Presidents in any one session.

It's certainly annoying when you load into a session, ready to do some missions and make some cash, only to be told there's no space for your endeavours. Some players theorised it's to aid performance, while others have suggested it's because there are no more colours to use to denote who is attached to which organisation.

The limit may actually be a blessing, as one redditor notes, "More CEOs and MC presidents = more active missions and vehicles spawning in the session. Full sessions are very unstable, even on PC. I can only imagine how bad it would be on console if the limit was doubled or removed."

One player responded to this well-thought-out, reasonable answer with "Bro this whole time I thought it was cause they ran out of colors."

One solution that wouldn't impact performance was suggested. "What they should do is to make it more profitable to work for a ceo. This game encourages playing solo too much so everyone is just sitting alone in their organisation or MC."

The game's recent update did add the ability to become a CEO and resupply and sell stock from your businesses in private, invite-only lobbies, but it's currently not that profitable to just work for other people online. Making this a more attractive prospect would certainly help encourage people to join an existing organisation rather than wanting to run their own.

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Yeah, get that limit removed asap ffs


Yeah it kinda does screw things up specially if your in a chill lobby or somthing

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