Wreckreation is Burnout Paradise meets Mario Maker

Three Fields Entertainment, the studio formed by veterans of Burnout developer Criterion, has announced Wreckreation, an open-world racing game that lets you and your friends build courses as you play.

Wreckreation gives you a 400 square kilometer sandbox to race around in. There are roads, but you're free to go off the paved path, driving through everything from forests to beaches and snow-covered regions. The world is filled with things to find, including races and challenge events alongside hidden shortcuts and Burnout Paradise-style billboards to break. The race mechanics will also be familiar to Burnout fans, with a boost system and takedowns.

Where Wreckreation diverges is in its robust suite of customization options. You can change things like the time of day or the weather at any time, and create new modes on the fly. In one example the developers showed at a press preview session, a pair of players jointly created a challenge to land jumps on a ramp, which the game can recognize and count the score for.

Your building options go as far as letting you construct your own tracks. The devs say this is effectively the same arsenal used to create the game world, and it'll let you build full tracks with features like big Hot Wheels-style loops and ramps. It's also completely seamless, so you can build a few bits of track, drive through what you've constructed, and immediately return to the editing interface - even when you're online with friends.

For the cherry on top, Wreckreation even offers Spotify integration, so if you have a Premium account, you can stream your own playlists whenever you're sick of the in-game soundtrack.

Wreckreation is set to hit PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X and S, Xbox One, and PC.

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never played games like these, and never will


nicee burnout used to be funn

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