Saints Row Gets New Overview Trailer Ahead of Launch

As of this writing, the Saints Row reboot is less than two weeks away from launch, and in this new title, fans will be stepping into the shoes of the new Boss as they build up the Saints in a new city, Santo Ileso. Given the franchise had reached insane proportions with Saints Row 4, a reboot is a smart move, and many fans are excited. That's not to say the road to release hasn't been a bumpy road, but based on everything shown so far, it does seem fans are in for a real treat.

Ahead of this coming launch, Deep Silver and Volition have released a new trailer for Saints Row. It gives fans a broad overview of everything they can expect in the game, so it should serve anyone in need of a quick refresher well.

Indeed, this overview trailer is incredibly thorough and hits nearly every major feature available in the coming game. It dives a little bit into Saints Row's story, and it goes into detail regarding each of the rival gangs: the gearhead Panteros, the anticapitalist Idols, and the militant Marshalls. There's also a quick look at the deep customization options in Saints Row, down from the Boss and personal customization to the in-depth vehicle customization. And on top of that, of course, there are some nice glances into combat and mention of its co-op functionalities. It really covers a lot in six minutes, with fans able to check it out for themselves below.

The video also discusses the new Criminal Ventures feature, which is one way Saints Row sets itself apart from its predecessors. It is the method of bringing back fan-favorite elements like Insurance Fraud, sure, but it also represents how the Saints built up their Criminal Empire, directly influence the streets of Santo Ileso, and otherwise showcase their rise to power. These business fronts are all part of Eli's plan, and they all connect beautifully to the major theme of becoming "your own boss" in Saints Row.

Of course, no one expects that to be easy, and fans are going to encounter a lot of resistance along the way. Luckily, Saints Row players won't be alone, as they are joined by their friends, roomates, and the co-founders of the Saints: Eli, Kevin, and Neenah.

Saints Row releases on August 23 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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CalicoReidso Yeah, they needed a new overview trailer

Looks really good now

yeah it looks decent actually


Yeah, they needed a new overview trailer

Looks really good now


hmm maybe they did listen to the fans , all that futuristic bs had to go lol


i only liked 1 and 2 but this looks pretty good


looks pretty dope to be honest!


This is going to be a pretty good game.

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