EA Secures NFL Esports Exclusivity

EA isn’t the only one making NFL games anymore, but they are the only ones hosting NFL esports tournaments thanks to "a new multi-year partnership renewal for the EA Sports Madden NFL Championship Series (MCS)."

Today’s announcement also confirmed last year’s Madden Championship Series had four times as many minutes watched as the year before. Likely that had something to do with COVID-19 outbreaks among real-life NFL teams leading to games being delayed, whereas the Madden Championship Series didn’t require nearly as much in-person interaction.

"Madden NFL esports continues to deepen the love of the game with fans, players, and viewers. It’s teaching viewers how to improve at the game, while deepening engagement with Madden’s most loyal fanbase," said Brent Koning, VP of EA Esports. "Since the MCS started five years ago, it has helped showcase the game by elevating the greatest players in the world, while giving every single Madden NFL player the chance to go from couch to champion. We can’t wait to see how the MCS 23 season unfolds."

In addition to securing this new deal, EA announced the Madden Championship Series schedule for 2023 will closely align with the real-life NFL season. The Ultimate Madden NFL 23 Bowl will even take place during the same week as Super Bowl LVII with a $1.7 million prize pool. You can check out the full schedule on EA's website.

Campbell’s Chunky Soup will once again partner with the MCS this year, giving them the official naming rights to what will be called the Campbell's Chunky Stadium, the virtual arena where the Ultimate Madden NFL 23 Bowl will take place.

In other football news, EA has promised that this year's edition of Madden won't be a bug filled mess. That's thanks to additional resources being allocated to QA support and testing that will hopefully avoid some of the hilarious bugs that the franchise has become known for over the years.

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That's dope. Good for them on securing


that is dope for them i guess


Well I guess good for EA then.

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