Streamer xQc Explains Why He Thinks Twitch Won't Ban Gambling Streams

Popular Twitch streamer Felix "xQc" Lengyel often gets massive viewership on his channel regardless of if he's playing games like GTA Online or Overwatch 2 or just gambling on slots. Speaking candidly about his thoughts on Twitch possibly banning gambling streams, xQc explained why he doesn't expect a clampdown on them anytime soon.

Recently opening up to his audience on Twitch about wagering over half a billion dollars through online gambling websites, xQc doesn't shy away from talking about the controversial aspects of his hobby. Although he has stopped gambling on stream in the past, Twitch hasn't prevented him from delving back into the content other than minor hiccups like his channel becoming temporarily age-restricted, which could have been unrelated. Twitch recently implemented some restrictions pertaining to promoting gambling content through livestreams or sharing links to gambling websites, and some content creators are anticipating further action, but xQc isn't sweating it yet.

During an August 8 livestream, one of xQc's viewers asked the popular streamer about his thoughts on Twitch removing gambling streams in a future terms of service update and xQc seemed ready for the question. According to xQc, about half the games that are played on Twitch on a regular basis include some level of gambling, and he points to examples like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Apex Legends, and the FIFA franchise to back up his claims. While some viewers suggested that things are different when money is being gambled rather than a player relying on RNG luck, xQc stated "it's not about the money, you guys don't get it though."

Possibly downplaying the potential of having to do his online gambling in privacy in the future, xQc suggested that it's a "simple concept" that Twitch won't ban gambling. He also stated that "everyone can understand why they won't remove gambling or not sue anyway," which may suggest that Twitch could avoid any legal issues regarding slot streams on xQc's channel or others that participate. Although the platform has created unique categories in the past to prevent things like Twitch hot tub streams from taking up much of the Just Chatting section, gambling streams are typically grouped into the Slots and Poker sections to combat this potential problem already.

Some viewers utilized the opportunity of xQc's Twitch rant to point out other games that have what they feel are gambling mechanics or heavy monetization such as Mario Kart Tour, Star Wars Battlefront 2, Overwatch, Rainbow Six Siege, and Rust. Although xQc had a few defenders in the replies to his video about Twitch gambling streams, a lot of comments expressed disagreement or doubt about the similarities between slots and loot boxes. One response stated that it would be about Twitch sending a message to other gamblers, while another suggested that xQc was joking.

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As long it's making money for twitch, they're not going to give a f*ck


I mean the same thing happened with hot tub & pool streams all they did was give it it's own section lmfao.


they wont cuz theyll just lose money them selves mostly


They probably should tbh

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