FIFA 23’s New Trailer Offers a Deep Dive into the Matchday Experience

EA has released a new trailer for FIFA 23, this time around focusing on showing off the new Matchday Experience through a deep dive. Check out the 7-minutes-long deep dive below.

One of the biggest upgrades in FIFA 23 over its predecessor is the new pitch when it comes to graphics. According to presentation producer Fab Muoio, the studio was able to make use of the PS5’s and Xbox Series X/S’s hardware to make the pitch look as realistic as possible.

It is worth noting that damage the pitch receives as part of a match naturally playing out will be persistent throughout the match. The trailer shows off damage on the pitch as the result of sliding tackles.

FIFA 23 will also feature pre-match cinematic hype videos. Scenes of fans arriving at the stadium, drone shots of the stadium, and flashback moments on the pitch will be highlighted in the pre-mamtch build-up.

As part of raising the level of diversity in FIFA 23, the game will also feature female officials at a higher graphical fidelity than previous games. This will also be the first time in the franchise that female officials will be present in men’s matches.

The deep dive then goes into details about FIFA 23‘s new trainer. Hoping to reduce the barrier of entry for newcomers to the franchise, the new trainer makes use of a new toolset and new visuals to make the learning process more intuitive for new players.

For the first time in the franchise, the goal nets in FIFA 23 will feature real 3D nets, compared to the flat grids of FIFA 22 and earlier. This means that, alongside looking cooler, the nets will also now react to light and animate in more realistic ways.

Taking a page from Rocket League, players can now also equip their teams with custom sounds that play when a goal is scored.

Capping things off in the deep dive is the addition of new celebrations coming to the game, including signature celebrations for star players.

FIFA 23 is set for a September 30 release, and will be coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia. It will also be coming to Nintendo Switch as yet another Legacy Edition.

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Looking good from the trailer, but still the genre I wouldn't play


From the trailer Fifa 23 looking good.


The new fifa and nba actually looking pretty good this year

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