MultiVersus is getting a ‘big overhaul’ of its hit detection system

MultiVersus‘ hit detection will be getting a “big overhaul”, its game director confirmed today.

Tony Huynh tweeted about a new online-only update that had been added to the game, which fixed bugs affecting certain moves for Jake and Tom & Jerry.

One follower replied by asking if Finn would be getting a nerf in the future, claiming his moves seemed to break through opponents’ defences too easily.

Huynh replied that Finn would be getting tweaked, but that it would take place in phases because the team was working on a larger overhaul of the hit detection system.

“We’ll be looking at Finn in sections,” Huynh said. “We are working on a big overhaul of our hitbox / hurtbox system, so don’t want too many moving parts.”

Hitboxes and hurtboxes are the two essential components of a fighting game’s hit detection mechanics.

A hitbox is an invisible box that is created when a character performs an attack, and shows the range of space the attack covers. A hurtbox is another invisible box which sits on top of a character and determines where they can be hit.

If a character performs an attack and their hitbox overlaps the opponent’s hurtbox, the attack lands. By making either one or both of these boxes smaller, it becomes harder to land attacks (because overlaps are less likely).

An overhaul to the hitbox and hurtbox system, then – such as the one being planned for MultiVersus – could make it either easier or harder to hit opponents, depending on how the boxes are altered.

Season 1 of MultiVersus was expected to officially begin on August 9, along with the release of Morty from Rick & Morty as the game’s 18th playable character.

However, it was announced earlier this week that Season 1 and Morty have now been delayed, with the new date still to be confirmed.

“We know this might be disappointing for some and want to assure our Community that we are dedicated to delivering new and exciting content that delights players,” a statement on the game’s official Twitter account read.

“We’ll let you know the timing as soon as we can. We appreciate your patience & enthusiasm and look forward to unveiling Season 1 very soon.”

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Good they're sorting out the hit/hurt boxes


this game is awesome just a chill game

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