Terraria devs want to add crossplay

Terraria crossplay is next on the list for the team at Re-Logic.

As Re-Logic business strategy head Ted Murphy told PCGamer, the studio is currently working on the Labor of Love update, but after that goes live, they're setting their sights on crossplay.

"We really want to take a shot at crossplay for PC-console-mobile," Murphy says. "Our mobile and console team has been able to develop nearly in parallel with us on PC during Labor of Love – so this work might start sooner than later. An exciting hill to climb to be sure, but one we are eager to attempt."

Terraria is currently available on PC, iOS, Android, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X, so crossplay would be quite the undertaking considering how many platforms are involved. That's likely why Murphy is stressing that Re-Logic is making an "attempt" and not making any promises.

Terraria will finally get gear loadouts with its 1.4.4 update, and Re-Logic is no stranger to adding great features to the game even years after its release. The studio has worked on Terraria for nearly a decade and can't seem to stop adding updates even when it promises that this is the last one, really, so it would make sense that Murphy and the squad want to add such a popular feature.

Murphy previously told PC Gamer that the latest Terraria update was inspired by "unfinished business" and wasn't planned until the studio saw "an outpouring of fan love" last year. After that, ideas cropped up that the team wanted to address "before development ceases and we focus fully on game two."

Whatever Re-Logic's next game is, don't rule out more Terraria updates just yet. If we've learned anything, it's that Re-Logic just can't let it go - and that's good news for Terraria fans. It's the game that just keeps on giving, especially if crossplay is on the menu.

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It would definitely be a great add.


might as well like most games anymore

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