Blizzard plans to release new Diablo Immortal content every 2 weeks

Blizzard has outlined its content release strategy for Diablo Immortal, which includes plans to launch new game updates every two weeks.

In a blog post, the studio said these will come in two forms. “Mini updates” will include Battle Pass seasons, in-game events and feature updates.

“Major updates” will deliver content such as new gameplay features and free storyline expansions.

“It’s important to note that all content mentioned above is not mutually exclusive to a Mini or Major content update and may sometimes just be released once it has reached a state of quality worthy of our players,” Blizzard said.

Diablo Immortal’s Season 3 update and new Battle Pass, Aspect of Justice, will be released on August 4 at 3am server time.

The free version of Season 3’s Battle Pass will include 40 ranks-worth of challenges and rewards including Legendary Gems, Crests and Hilts.

There are also two paid versions of the Season 3 Battle Pass players can upgrade to: the Empowered Battle Pass and Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass.

The former includes all rank rewards from the free Battle Pass but also unlocks an Empowered track that provides additional rewards at each rank.

Purchasers will also unlock the gilded Aspect of Justice Weapon cosmetic at rank one and the radiant Aspect of Justice Armor cosmetic at rank 40.

The Collector’s Empowered Battle Pass includes all rank rewards and cosmetics from the Empowered one, plus the Aspect of Justice Avatar Frame, Portal cosmetic and a ten-rank boost, all available immediately.

The Season Three Battle Pass will run until September 1 at 2.59am server time.

Season 3 will feature Wrathborne invasions as a daily event at 12pm server time. Players who manage to repel hordes of elite demons will be rewarded with gear, with the top three damage dealers receiving six Enchanted Dust.

July’s Hungering Moon event will also return from August 12-15.

In terms of feature updates, Blizzard said it’s aiming to simplify the process of organising Warband activities by letting players see if members of their Warband are online and their current in-game activity from within the Warband menu.

And it’s introducing the ability to vote to kick a party or raid group member if the game detects them as being inactive, continuously rejecting the queue, or engaged in other in-game activities.

Blizzard claimed on July 30 that Diablo Immortal had been installed over 30 million times since its release for mobile and PC on June 2.

The mobile version of Diablo Immortal generated over $100 million in eight weeks, according to data published last week by market intelligence firm Sensor Tower.

A Diablo Immortal player who claims to have spent about $100,000 on microtransactions recently said he may seek a refund after losing access to PvP games, reportedly because of his unrivalled matchmaking rating.

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If they can handle the upload then why not.


Every two weeks. That's like old fortnite updates lol

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