MultiVersus is ahead of the curve tech-wise on PS5

There’s a lot to love with MultiVersus. Whether it’s the cool cast of characters, the player-friendly approach to live service, or the healthy dollop of wackiness you really kind of need in this kind of light-hearted title. But for those who care about the performance of the games they play, or have a competitive streak, you’ll be happy to hear that MultiVersus is leading the pack on the technical side too!

This was first discovered by Twitter user Nigel Woodall, a reputable input lag tester - who posted their discoveries online. The most crucial for players is an average input lag delay of 31.47 milliseconds on the PS5, which is less than two frames of delay at 60 FPS.

Okay, so what does this actually mean? Well, in the simplest terms, it means that when you press a button on the PS5 while mashing away at MultiVersus, your move comes out fast. Hella fast, actually. Faster than any other fighting game on the platform right now by at least two frames.

Two frames may not seem like much at all, and for most players it isn’t! However, this can make all the difference when combined with the delays and lag you find in online play. These small delays can be felt, especially for those who dump hundreds of hours into their favourite characters and know the feel of their combos. Jumping from a platform with low delay to one with high delay and the shift in responsiveness can be noticeable, and quite jarring.

The topic of fighting game reactivity is quite the issue at the moment, spearheaded by a select few pushing for tangible change in the genre.

Tournaments right now typically use PS4s (due to how easy they are to acquire and relative cheapness compared to other platforms), but with PCs typically performing far better than consoles, there’s a strong desire to shift over at the highest level.

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It's doing very well in all aspects


this game is really amazing im playing it once every other day


ya this game is sweet and is doing pretty well already

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