Dr Disrespect's Call of Duty Competitor Is Getting Destroyed by Fans

The first footage of Dr Disrespect's new first person shooter, known as Deadrop, has been revealed and fans are ripping it apart. Although it may be a bit strange to some people that Dr Disrespect is making a video game, this is not his first time working on a game. In the early 2010s, Guy Beahm AKA Dr Disrespect worked as a community manager at Sledgehammer Games before going on to design maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. He left the industry to focus on his livestreaming career after that, but video game development is certainly in his DNA. The content creator founded a new studio called Midnight Society last winter and recruited a bunch of industry vets to help make a game that could compete with the best FPS franchises.

Now, the game, Deadrop, has had its first gameplay revealed and fans are incredibly underwhelmed. Although it's not surprising that a game that's been in development for less than a year isn't the most mind blowing thing in the world, Dr Disrespect had told a fan in June that it "blows out anything from the CoD engine" and to just wait until the July reveal. Now that it's here, fans are mocking the game and the tweets that hyped it up. The recently released gameplay features a firing range and some environments, but it's still far from anything along the lines of a mainline Call of Duty. Some compared the gameplay to Call of Duty: Mobile in a derogatory way.

Needless to say, the game is years away from actually releasing, but it's expected that select groups of people will continue to play and experience new builds in the coming weeks and months. Whether the game will be any good remains to be seen, but fans are incredibly hopeful. Deadrop is being designed for FPS fans after years of AAA disasters like Battlefield 2042, so the Dr Disrespect-led game has a lot of weight on its shoulders.

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Getting bored hearing about this Dr Disrespect nowadays


I can't stand the running animation...


Things ain't like how they used to be


Doc used to be hilarious. All the streamers are boring now.

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