PlayStation Is Losing 3 Console Exclusives to Xbox

PlayStation is losing not one, not two, but three console exclusives to Xbox consoles. In other words, three games that can only be played on PC, PS4, and PS5 are coming to Xbox One, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. The first of these three games -- and probably the most notable -- is The Pathless. An action-adventure game developed by Giant Squid, The Pathless was released back on November 12, 2020 as a PS5 launch game. Depending on the platform, its Metacritic scores range from 77 to 81.

"Become the Hunter, a master archer who travels to a mystical island to dispel a curse of darkness that grips the world," reads an official blurb for the game. "Soar through the air and forge a connection with your eagle companion. Perform fluid acrobatics and execute awesome trick shots with a unique archery system that allows effortless shooting while moving at high speeds. The Godslayer won't rest until the world is destroyed. Your bond with your eagle and the fate of the world hang in the balance."

The second game is Solar Ash, which debuted back on December 2, 2021 via developer Heart Machine. A science-fiction action-adventure game, it boasts a 78 on Metacritic.

"From the creators of the award-winning Hyper Light Drifter comes the high-speed and gravity-bending world of Solar Ash," reads an official description of the game. "Set amidst a surreal dreamscape filled with long-abandoned ruins of great civilizations past, you play as Rei, a Voidrunner determined to stop at nothing to save her planet from falling prey to the Ultravoid's path of eternal hunger. Fight through mobs of grotesque creatures, grind rails with sheer delight, grapple to wild heights, take down enormous bosses, and surf the ashen clouds of shattered, bygone worlds swallowed by the void."

The third and final game is Maquette from developer Graceful Decay. It was also released in 2021, but on March 2, and at the time of release, it was given out for free via PS Plus. A puzzle adventure game, it boasts Metacritic scores ranging from 70 to 71, depending on the platform.

"Maquette is a first-person recursive puzzle game that takes you into a world where every building, plant, and object are simultaneously tiny and staggeringly huge," reads an official blurb for the game. "Maquette makes it possible by twisting the world into itself recursively in an MC Escher-esque fashion."

So, when are all these games coming to Xbox consoles? Well, we don't know exactly. Publisher Annapurna Interactive has provided a release window of Q4 2022 (October-December), but that's all it has provided,

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They were timed exclusives, and Sony seen they weren't
doing well for the psn store, because the games are shit


What fool wrote this article? Losing implies that they aren't coming to a PlayStation console at all and will only be an Xbox exclusive or will be launched at the same time on both consoles, timed exclusives are timed with the option to go to other consoles. So PS isn't losing anything, specially since this is the very first time I have ever heard of any of these games, come back when we are talking call of duty or god of war.


Not surprising they are loosing some.


not a surprise since they where timed exclusive so sony isnt losing 3 console exclusive games when they where timed exclusive


Eh these can go. It ain't god of war so no biggy.

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