Scorn Will Take 6-8 Hours to Complete, No Photo Mode Included

Ebb Software has released a new volume of The Pulse, which covers development for its first-person horror title Scorn. In addition to detailing the OST and art book, it also confirms how long a full playthrough will take. Depending on how long the puzzles take, the developer estimates six to hours to finish the game.

That being said, there will be a “variety of environments across various levels.” Those interested in some macabre photography may need to be satisfied with screen captures – Scorn has no photo mode. However, the developer notes, “Our focus is on maximizing the immersion players will experience, so our UI design is relatively minimal.” That means you can capture some relatively clean gameplay screenshots.

Ebb Software also clarified that Scorn isn’t a triple-A project. “It’s an independent production and a passion project! Although we started with just 4 people and a very small budget, we’ve since grown into what you could consider a AA project.”

As for the original soundtrack and art book that will be available separately and in the Deluxe Edition, the former offers two hours of tracks with Aethek and Lustmord as the composers. The digital art book is 192 pages with concepts for designs, weapons, the grotesque creatures roaming the world, and much more along with lore. Check out an image from it below along with the song “Encapsuled” by Aethek.

Scorn is out on October 21st for Xbox Series X/S and PC. Stay tuned for more details in the coming months.

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Yeah, definitely average gameplay time. So, happy enough with it


6 to 8 hours compared to other games isn't half bad.


Runts that is not long at all lol

That's actually pretty standard for a horror game. Outlast 2 only took about 8 hours to complete.


that is not long at all lol


seems to quick for what it is

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