PS5 Will See Increased Supplies for the Holiday Season

In its recent quarterly financial report, Sony announced that the PS5 had shipped 21.7 million units as of June 31st, 2022. During its conference call to investors and analysts, CFO Hiroki Totoki spoke about engagement and its plans for the holiday season. Totoki revealed that gameplay time for PlayStation players declined 15 percent year-on-year between April and June 2022.

Though June 2022 was only three percent lower than May and 10 percent lower compared to the same period in 2021, engagement is still much lower than previously forecast. The weakening of the COVID-19 pandemic in key markets, offering users more chances to leave their homes, was cited as the primary reason. Nevertheless, Sony is sticking to its forecast of 18 million PS5 shipments for the fiscal year and will look to increase engagement during its second half.

The release of major first-party titles, a significant increase in PS5 supplies and the promotion of PlayStation Plus are a few moves planned for this period. More supplies are planned for the Holiday season following the recovery from lockdowns in Shanghai and “significant improvement in component supply.” Demand isn’t slowing down but Sony hopes supply chain disruption will be resolved going forward.

With titles like Stray currently out, Rollerdrome releasing in August and God of War Ragnarok launching in November, one has to wonder about other upcoming titles. Perhaps the long-rumored PlayStation Showcase in September will provide some answers. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime.

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no suirprise there having a holidays increase


this is much need and way overdue


Very good that they are increasing the supplies for demand for the holiday.


I like to see this I need more ps5 players / friends

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