Terraria finally gets gear loadouts with update 1.4.4

Terraria is finally getting gear loadouts in its upcoming 1.4.4 update.

The news was revealed earlier this week, on July 25, by Terraria lead developer Yorai Omer in the tweet just below. Whenever the update 1.4.4 eventually arrives for Terraria, it'll boast equipment-based loadouts that players can change up and experiment with on the fly.

With this brand new feature, players can save gear loadouts, and change between them whenever they want. Theoretically, you'll be able to save gear loadouts based on specific scenarios and then whip them out at the perfect opportunity to strike.

As Omer points out in the tweet just above, a nifty detail is that you can actually assign vanity objects to these customisable loadouts. This is actually on top of armour loadouts, which can be bundled together to give you an edge on your current activity, whether it's fishing, fighting, crafting, or anything else in between.

Until now, Terraria players have had to manually go into their inventory and change their entire loadout whenever they wanted to switch out gear. This new update, whenever it does eventually land for the indie crafting hit, should make things much smoother for players while they're out exploring the wilds. If this does end up being Terraria's final update - and that's a big if - it's an excellent feature to go out with.

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Source: https://www.gamesradar.com/terraria-finally-gets-gear-loadouts-with-update-144/


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