Official PlayStation mobile controller coming from Backbone

Backbone is partnering with PlayStation to launch an officially branded version of its popular mobile controller.

The PlayStation Edition Backbone One is exactly what it looks like: a Backbone controller styled after the PS5's DualSense controller. Its white design, colored face buttons, and matte finish mirror PlayStation's newest flagship controller, though its staggered analogue sticks are a holdover from the Backbone's original, more Xbox-like design.

Backbone's controllers have been well received by folks looking to sharpen their mobile gaming experience or emulate a controller while using console remote play, and the PlayStation Edition was designed to support the same functionality – though only on iPhone for now. Backbone says it was also tailor-made to work with the PS5's Pulse 3D headset, which can be connected directly to the PlayStation Backbone.

"The Backbone app will also feature special integrations with the PlayStation and PS Remote Play app that make the experience even more special," Backbone says, "like a dedicated row with new releases and updates from PlayStation and the ability to automatically deep link you into the PlayStation app to install it onto your console remotely so you can play it later via PS Remote Play."

In a post on the PlayStation Blog, Backbone CEO Maneet Khaira reiterated that this controller was "brought to life by our design team in collaboration with the brilliant minds at PlayStation." Khaira also confirmed that the PlayStation Backbone "will be available in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom at launch, with more countries to follow."

Remote play for PS5 and PS4 games has obviously been doable for quite a while with a range of devices, but now PlayStation gamers (with iPhones) have access to an official gamepad with Sony's seal of approval. This isn't Backbone's first partnership – it's worked with Microsoft and Blizzard already – and the company says it's aiming to expand in the future as well, with plans to release an Android model in the fall.

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Looks pretty decent enough, but I won't be getting one


man just make another psp lol loved the psp

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