Diablo Immortal has made $100 million through mobile alone

Diablo Immortal players have spent over $100 million on the RPG’s mobile version since it launched two months ago.

That comes from Sensor Tower, which shares that Diablo Immortal is one of the fastest mobile games to achieve the feat. It reportedly took Pokemon Go just two weeks to reach the figure, whereas Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes took ten weeks. Looking beyond that, Sensor Tower shares that Fortnite and Final Fantasy 15: A New Empire took 12 and 22 weeks to reach $100 million, respectively.

It also looks like those revenues are only set to escalate, with Diablo Immortal finally releasing in China earlier this week. Sensor Tower reports that the mobile RPG was the most downloaded app across all categories on the Apple App Store during its first two days of release. Diablo Immortal was also the top grossing game on the marketplace on launch day, slipping to second on day two. That pits the game against Tencent’s localised version of PUBG Mobile and the hugely popular Honor of Kings.

Diablo Immortal’s China was initially delayed by one month. Speculation initially pointed toward the reason being a social media post that was critical of the country’s president, Xi Jinping, with a Bloomberg report later adding weight to those claims.

While Blizzard hasn’t commented on revenue made from Diablo Immortal thus far, the developer has confirmed that the game has been downloaded over 20 million times across mobile and PC.

Blizzard has also commented on criticisms surrounding the free-to-play game’s monetisation model, with boss Mike Ybarra claiming that most players aren’t spending any money at all as microtransactions are more heavily weighted towards the endgame.

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Source: https://www.gamesradar.com/diablo-immortal-has-made-dollar100-million-through-mobile-alone/


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Congrats to them for making $100 mil of mobile alone


A huge congrats to them for making $100 million.


100 ms off of just mobile thats insane

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