Marvel's Midnight Suns: Spider-Man Gameplay Trailer Released

Marvel's Midnight Suns developer Firaxis Games and 2K have released a new trailer detailing Spider-Man gameplay in the title. This is just the latest in a series of gameplay deep dives for Marvel's Midnight Suns, with previous installments going over Iron Man gameplay and Captain America gameplay. Given that combat plays out a bit differently in Marvel's Midnight Suns from many other modern superhero video games, these will likely be handy resources for anyone unfamiliar with the game's mechanics.

More specifically, Marvel's Midnight Suns combat has players using different ability cards with a randomized hand of cards at the beginning of any given battle. Spider-Man, specifically, has a specialty called "Distributed Damage" that allows him to attack across the battlefield without using multiple actions. He can also use environmental objects without spending the Heroism resource.

You can check out the full gameplay trailer for Spider-Man in Marvel's Midnight Suns for yourself embedded below:

"In Marvel's Midnight Suns, players take on the role of the Hunter – the first customizable original hero in the Marvel Universe, brought back to life from a centuries-long sleep to lead the Midnight Suns, with heroes spanning across the Avengers, X-Men, Runaways, and more," the official description of Marvel's Midnight Suns reads. "Forced to unite in opposition to Lilith, Mother of Demons and parent to the Hunter, the Midnight Suns must rise up against the darkness in the face of fallen allies and with the fate of the world at stake."

Broadly speaking, Marvel's Midnight Suns is currently scheduled to release for the PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam and the Epic Games Store on October 7th. Playable characters revealed in the title so far include The Hunter, Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, Blade, Ghost Rider, Magik, Nico Minoru, Spider-Man, and Scarlet Witch.

In other Spiderman news Spiderman Remastered is out,12th August, 2022 for PC. You can download the latest Spiderman Remastered trainer and cheats for free from WeMod.

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I heard the game was doing ok.


The only good thing about this game is spidy's oufit


this game sucks and was not good


Runts this game could have been soo good then bam they ruined it and made it a CARD GAME LOL

I was about to comment that as well LMAO.
This not my type of "game" I am sure someone out there will like it but definitely not me.


this game could have been soo good then bam they ruined it and made it a CARD GAME LOL

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