Sony Potentially Facing Security Issue due to recent leaks

Last week saw The Last of Us Part 1’s gameplay, accessibility options and controls leaked, which caused a major stir when the gameplay was discovered to be largely the same. However, that may not be the end for Sony. Xbox Era co-founder Nick Baker recently said on its podcast that he had been offered various other Sony-related leaks.

The sheer amount of leaks seemingly took him by surprise, leading Baker to believe that Sony may have a security issue of sorts. “I might be getting some stuff from an angry Greek fellow that’s dabbling in Norse mythology at some point, I don’t know,” he said, hinting that God of War Ragnarok could be leaked next. Whether said source actually delivers and Baker shares it or not remains to be seen.

This certainly lines up with statements by GamingLeaksandRumours moderator Therabbidscot. Speaking to one of the sources that leaked The Last of Us Part 1 last week, they commented, “From what was indicated to us, there’s not just one source it’s leaking for but numerous, and it also sounds like seemingly Ragnarok is also likely.” In another comment, they added, “They also indicated people plan on leaking Ragnarok, so I don’t see this going away overnight.”

God of War Ragnarok is out on November 9th for PS4 and PS5 so it’s certainly possible that leaks could emerge. Stay tuned for more details in the meantime. As for The Last of Us Part 1, it’s out on September 2nd for PS5 with a PC version also in development.

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Runts I call bs they leak stuff themselves to gain hype for stuff

Usually the staff who works sometimes leak it too.


Leaks will always end up happening.


Leaks are what makes us want the games even more :P


Leaks can be prevented, they are giving us what they want.


I call bs they leak stuff themselves to gain hype for stuff

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