Halo and Doom devs are making a new Unreal Engine 5 FPS game

Ex-Bungie developers working on Halo Infinite are working on a new, original FPS game too, based on Unreal Engine 5. Certain Affinity has worked on games in franchises such as Halo, Doom, and Call of Duty, and now it looks like the team has an original FPS of its own coming.

As spotted by @IdleSloth84 on Twitter, Certain Affinity studio is working on a “new, original IP” according to certain LinkedIn pages. Furthermore, there’s a job listing for this new IP’s game director position with further details. The game is an “original IP first-person shooter” and a “games as a service” title – which, given the team’s experience with the likes of Destiny and Halo Infinite multiplayer, isn’t too much of a surprise.

“We’re best known for co-developing numerous AAA FPS games,” the listing states, “though now we are creating compelling new games of our own.” As for Unreal Engine 5, the bottom of the listing also requests “development experience with UE4 and/or UE5.”

Other than working on “exciting” new content for Halo Infinite – maybe even on a possible battle royale mode – Certain Affinity is also rumoured to be assisting with the development of Microsoft’s stalled Perfect Dark reboot too. The studio has previously assisted with multiplayer for Doom, and several Call of Duty and Halo games, so it’ll be interesting to see what Certain Affinity’s first original IP will look like.

As for Halo Infinite, a community-made Proton patch should allow Steam Deck owners to get the game working at last. Check out the link there for how to do it.

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Source: https://www.pcgamesn.com/certain-affinity-unreal-engine-5-fps


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just hoping there isn't going to be a let down from both devs


Oh man this will look insane hopefully it's good

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