Soulslike Game Thymesia Release Date Delayed

Soulslike titles have become all the rage since the Souls games exploded onto the gaming scene. Studios have gone on to recreate unique versions of the Souls formula, and OverBorder's upcoming title Thymesia has shown a ton of promise with its plague-inspired take on the formula. Ahead of its launch next month, the developers have announced a slight shift in Thymesia's launch date.

Thymesia is the upcoming title from OverBorder and independent games label Team17. The game puts players in the role of "Corvus" and is set in a kingdom where death spreads due to diseases and monsters. Players are tasked with fighting their way to center of the issue in a blend of fast-paced combat, a unique plague weapon system while in a setting eerily reminiscent of Bloodborne and Dark Souls. Thymesia was originally set for an August 9 release, but that has now changed.

The change in date came from the title's Steam page and has now been shared to the official Twitter account. OverBorder shared a quick update with fans stating that the decision to delay the title comes from community feedback the team received during the game's Steam demo that ran back in May. Valuing fan feedback and "100% committed to making Thymesia the best experience possible," the team made the decision to push the release date back only a few days. Thymesia will now launch August 18.

A lot of the criticism that came up during the limited-time Steam demo focused on the game's combat. Arguably the most important part of any title that looks to replicate the Soulslike formula, some fans were critical of wind-up time during combat, invincibility frame extensions when dodging or deflecting attacks and the game's feather mechanic which extends the window for “interrupting critical attacks.” The team saw the feedback and have been working to implement changes in all of mentioned areas since the demo's conclusion. It's also important to note that all of these changes being made to Thymesia will be implemented across all platforms.

Delays are a common trend in the industry, and this isn't the first delay Thymesia has seen as it was originally planned to release back in December 2021. However, OverBorder delayed the title in order to create PS5 and Xbox Series X/S versions as the game was announced to be a PC-exclusive title. Despite the latest delay, it's impressive that the release date has shifted only a few days.

Thymesia launches August 18 for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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Runts looks good kinda reminds me of a god of war type style

I agree it has vibes of God of War.


Once again not surprising it's delayed.


releasing a week later because they're making sure all the bugs are fixed, I bet


looks good kinda reminds me of a god of war type style

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