Job Listing Suggests Gears of War 6 is in Development

For many fans of the franchise, Gears 5 was a major return to form. It retained the gritty nature of the franchise, while introducing more open areas and interesting storylines. Gears 5’s cliffhanger ending all but guaranteed that another entry in the franchise would come about, but nothing has been officially announced yet.

In fact, rumors about Gears 6 are highly limited too. The only real murmur out there is that The Coalition is working on a new Gears game, as well as a new IP, but nothing there is really concrete. However, a new job listing may lend credence to these rumors—at least to the new Gears title.

A job listing for The Coalition on Microsoft’s Careers portal, seemingly first spotted by Pure Xbox, is looking for an experienced Lead Mission Designer. This listing mentions how this position will work closely with the campaign director and level design team to focus on the overall “experience, pacing, rewards, and features” in Gears 6. The inclusion of a campaign in Gears 6 is obviously no surprise, but the development thereof is a nice little confirmation.

This September marks the 3-year date since Gear 5’s release, so it’s about time for a new Gears game. However, because of this listing, it stands to reason that Gears 6 is still in early development. It could still be a few years before its release, and at least a couple before fans hear of it. It could come sooner, sure, but generally speaking, announcing games too early doesn’t tend to go over well. Gears 6 should not be another Elder Scrolls 6 situation, after all.

While the wait may be long, the future of this Xbox studio and all Xbox studios looks bright. Game Pass is going as strong as ever, and Gears 6 would be a day one release. Major games are coming to the service over the next 12 months, including Hollow Knight: Silksong and Starfield, and plenty of first-party games are in development – Avowed, The Outer Worlds 2, Redfall, Fable, State of Decay 3, and more, just to name a few.

Gears 6 is not officially up there with those, but with this job listing, it might as well be. What matters is not how quickly The Coalition gets it done—just that it holds up to its predecessor, or surpasses it, when it does release.

Gears 6 has not officially been announced.

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I only played up to 3, so once they're ready to release this, I'll play 4 and 5


TTG Well I hope this is just as good as the first three.

pry wont be but we will see


Well I hope this is just as good as the first three.


Devil Never really got into the Gears series. Hopefully this one is intriguing.

The first 3 games are amazing


Never really got into the Gears series. Hopefully this one is intriguing.


lets just reallyy hope it is better than the last 2..


Gears has always had a good story behind the game, glad to see this!

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