Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S Getting Support for Discord Voice Chat

Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One will be getting support for voice chat on Discord. Currently only available to Xbox Insiders, the feature will allow players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S to join Discord voice channels or group calls directly on the console.

The Discord integration with Xbox consoles will be in-depth, allowing users to see who is in the call, who is speaking, and will even allow players to adjust volume levels between Discord Voice and Xbox game chat.

With the new update, Xbox Insider members will see a Try Discord Voice on Xbox option in their Parties & Chats screen. Picking the option will then take the players to the appropriate apps to connect their Discord accounts with their Xbox accounts. It is worth noting that those who have already linked their Discord account with their Xbox account will need to re-link them to be able to use Discord Voice on their console.

The update, currently only available to select Xbox Insiders at the moment, will be released to more Xbox Insiders in the coming weeks. There is no release date for the full release of the new feature.

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Should do this for all platforms


finally now I can talk to my irl friends


beautiful idea, can't wait!


this is awesome to see I have some xbox friends without pc

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