Washington D.C. burns in newest Modern Warfare 2 trailer ''Infamy''


We know, we know -- you've been sitting patiently on the tech game for around 50 hours now, constantly hitting refresh in hopes that the newest Modern Warfare 2 trailer -- codenamed "Infamy" -- we waited and uploaded it in full HD via our youtube channel. And here it finally is! Found over on developer Infinity Ward's website, we think you'll be just as shocked as we were to see how much has changed in terms of geography from Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare.
Also, shooting from a motorboat! That brings the tally of strange vehicles we'll be firing from up to two! Who could ask for more?



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The game is going to be awsome, And we got to drive more than one vehicle? SICK, I wonder if you get to drive a jeep? But MW2 is going to be the Best-Selling Video Game ever! The minute it goes on Shelfs EVERY copy will be sold out!


It is truly going to be amazing. This game is continuing to match and completely overshoot my expectations.


Can you honestly get any better than this? Role on november!


Great vid there Sean..:)

you aint got long to wait now!!


OMFG this video is the bomb, i cant wait for this, i wanna be sick so bad that day from school


@Casca you and me both mate cant wait not long to go now


Un.....F'n believable

Going to be a sick game. Vehicles,miniguns, great graphics.....all awesome

Going to have a few sleepless nights when it comes out.



That video was awesome, I gotta stop watching and reading stuff for it. It makes me want to play it to damn much.


the best video so far sorry for the delay i did not want to put a lame video up it had to be HD :P but still this video is FTW