Ghost of Tsushima Has Sold 9.7 Million Copies

Sucker Punch has announced that Ghost of Tsushima has now shipped 9.73 million copies. The studio made the announcement on Twitter alongside other interesting numbers about Ghost of Tsushima.

According to the announcement, 78 million photos have been taken in Ghost of Tsushima using the in-game photo mode. Players have pet 75.18 million foxes, completed 91.4 million Legends mode missions, spent 6437.4 years on horseback, and have visited 94.76 million onsen.

Players have also had 998.5 million standoffs, and 540.8 million duels.

Considering all of this success, it should be no surprise that Sucker Punch is likely working on a sequel. Job ads for several positions indicate that the studio is looking to hire developers for a Ghost of Tsushima 2. Specifically, a listing for the position of Encounter Designer said that the studio is working on “an open world game, with a particular focus on melee combat and stealth.”

Ghost of Tsushima is available on PS4 and PS5, the latter as the Director’s Cut. It also got the Iki Island expansion on both platforms.

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Haven't played it myself, but by watching gameplays, this game looks pretty cool


Currently playing through it, really enjoying it


Wow congrats to them almost 10 mil

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