Battlefield 3 Reality Mod Releasing This Month, New Gameplay Trailer

Battlefield 3 Reality mod brings a whole new experience from a familiar game by intensifying the gameplay realism and focusing on tactical play. Hopefully, we are not far away from launch!

The unexpectedly huge failure of Battlefield 2042 at launch, forced many fans of the series to leave the new game for good and get back to the older Battlefield titles. This was also a big opportunity for a group of modders that have been working on an overhaul mod for Battlefield 3 for a long time.

Launching on July 17, 2022, Battlefield 3 Reality Mod brings the same shooter experience in new dedicated servers where communication and tactics play big roles. The game features a completely new UI, while the game modes have also changed a lot.

The main goal of modders is to make each player rely on their teammates rather than their own skills. Looking at the new gameplay trailer, the game gives off more Escape From Tarkov vibes than Battlefield, however, you will still feel the Battlefield DNA in core gameplay features such as gunplay.

In order to install Reality Mod, you will need to own a legit version of Battlefield 3 including all post-launch expansions. Hopefully, the mod works with both the Steam and Origin versions of the game.

If you don’t own the premium version of Battlefield 3, you can access it through a normal tier EA Play subscription on PC. Even an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription will provide you with the same access.

That being said, Reality Mod is an unofficial expansion, and we don’t know if EA has any plans to confront it after launch. So, we do warn you to take into account the aftermath of installing an unofficial mod on your legit version of Battlefield 3.

Currently, there is not a clear explanation on how you can get the Reality Mod files and install them, but you can check the official website of the mod via this link, when it launches on July 17.

If your PC is capable of running Battlefield 3, you will also be able to run the Reality Mod as it doesn’t bring a huge visual overhaul to the game.

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"Reality Mod is an unofficial expansion, and we don't know if EA has any plans to confront it after launch"
I hope they allow it, it will bring more revenue to them in the shortrun (more people will buy the BF3 game)


Looks pretty sick if I'm honest

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