Session: Skate Sim Gets Official Release Date in New Trailer

After an early access period spanning over three years and numerous updates, Session: Skate Sim is ready to receive its full release. Announced as part of Nacon Connect and developed by Crea-ture Studios, Session is officially leaving early access this fall and received a new trailer to commemorate the announcement.

Session is one of the many skating games that has been in development in the wake of Skate’s absence throughout the last generation of consoles. The game’s main hook and what sets it apart from other titles in the genre is its focus on grounded and realistic skateboarding mechanics. Instead of chasing massive combos and doing absurd tricks, Session’s gameplay is about finding a corner to skate in and landing authentic tricks that would look great in a video montage. Crea-ture’s skate sim has been in active development and early access since 2019 across PC and Xbox Game Preview and recently received one of its most significant updates since launch.

Publisher Nacon recently held its Connect showcase, with the upcoming Session making a brief appearance to announce the game’s release date. Session: Skate Sim will launch its 1.0 update on September 22 and also received an accompanying trailer that showcases the game’s grounded skateboarding to some skate-punk tunes. It appears that Session’s new trailer was captured using the in-game recording features, which have a whole suite of classic skate montage effects like fish-eye lenses and blinding camera lights.

Session: Skate Sim’s 1.0 announcement follows some other big news in the world of skateboarding video games. Recently, EA’s Skate revival received a new trailer where the development team stated that they are “still working on it." The trailer has been well-received by fans of the genre, and many are hungry to return to their virtual skateboards. Skateboarding video games are seeing a bit of a revival lately, with Skater XL being another notable entry in the extreme sports genre and the recent OlliOlli World introducing a 2D twist to skating games.

At the time of this writing, Session sits at a “Very Positive” review score on Steam and is holding a small sale for fans who want to jump in before the price is bumped up on September 22. Many fan reviews appreciate the game’s tough-to-master control scheme and authenticity to real-life skateboarding. Unlike Skater XL and the upcoming Skate reboot, though, Session: Skate Sim does not feature an online multiplayer component and is an addition many fans would like to see added to the game. Regardless, it appears that Session is still managing to tick all the right skateboarding boxes.

Session: Skate Sim launches on September 22 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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All we need now is a BMX sim, then I'll be happy


Ahh I miss the TH games man ...

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