Nintendo Switch Pro Rumor Leaks First Deals About New Console

The Nintendo Switch Pro rumors are back. Throughout 2020 and for a bit of 2021, you couldn't escape Nintendo Switch pro rumors. Nothing ever came of these rumors though. Nintendo revealed and released the Nintendo Switch OLED later that year, but it didn't match up to the rumors at all. Roughly a year later since the rumors died out, they are heating back up, and just like last time, they are coming from a wide range of sources ranging from credible to dubious. The latest rumor comes from one of the more credible sources.

Over on Twitter, Pixelpar relays word of what they've heard about the heavily-rumored piece of hardware. According to the insider, Nintendo is gearing up to reveal the new machine later this year. The exact verbiage used is "towards the end of the year." The only other tidbit divulged is it works with current carts, has improved performance, and retains the same form factor and branding.

Of course, the little bit that is here should be taken with a grain of salt, especially considering the history of Nintendo Switch Pro rumors. Last time, there were plenty of credible sources saying plenty of things, and none of it came to fruition. As for Nintendo, it hasn't commented on any of this. The only time it's ever talked about or commented on a potential new piece of hardware has been in meetings with investors, so there's no reason to expect it to break this pattern. If it does though, we will be sure to update the story accordingly. And of course, if any more information is provided by Pixelpar, we will also issue an update.

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As long as they make the Switch Pro to have backwards compatibility for all older Ninetendo games


just make a new gamecube with backwards compatible old games !

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