Nintendo Switch Online Adds Four More Genesis Games

Nintendo has announced another slate of games for its Nintendo Switch Online subscription service, this time filling out more of the Genesis catalog that that's included as part of the Expansion Pack. Those include a compilation of Mega Man games, a stylized brawler, and a game best known for its memes.

You can catch up with the early Mega Man games in Mega Man: The Wily Wars, a compilation of the first three games in the series with some graphical revisions. If you beat all three games you can unlock a Wily Tower to confront a new boss. In Comix Zone, you play as a comic book artist drawn into a comic world. You'll have to beat your way through legions of mutants, hopping between comic panels as you go. Target Earth is a side-scrolling shooter that pits you against Chron cyborgs with customizable loadouts. Finally, Zero Wing is a side-scrolling arcade shooter, but it's probably most recognizable these days as the source of the "All Your Base" memes that set the internet ablaze in the early 2000s.

As part of the announcement, Nintendo also reiterated that the original Pokemon Snap has been released on the Nintendo 64 library. That photo safari game was a fan favorite for years before finally getting a sequel, New Pokemon Snap, last year. The N64 library is also part of the Expansion Pack.

The Nintendo Switch Online service includes online play for some games, cloud saves, and a selection of NES and Super NES games for $20 per year. The Switch Online Expansion Pack adds N64 and Genesis games, as well as access to expansions like the Animal Crossing: New Horizon Happy Home Paradise expansion and the Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Booster Course pass for $50 per month.

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Keep up the good work on adding more Nintendo games


Love their adding more and more games.


Nintendo ppl winning rn

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