There Is An NFT Console To Suck The Joy Out Of Gaming

Polium, a company that advertises itself as “building the products and infrastructure of Web3 gaming” since January of this year, has just announced a new home console system made specifically for Web3 gaming. For those unaware, Web3 is the current buzzword for the proposed next iteration of the internet, which will use NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and other blockchain technologies.

The console, called the "Polium One," will offer 8K HDR graphics running at 120 fps, ray tracing, and a host of other features exceeding even the best of what Sony and Microsoft are currently offering. Its controller will have haptic feedback and a touchpad similar to the DualSense, but also a "touch ID" system to make purchases on crypto platforms more secure. Of course, the controller will also have a wallet button for ease of funding all those new Web3 games.

According to the official roadmap, a functional prototype will be made "in a few months" ahead of a planned launch in 2024. Pre-orders, however, will be available much earlier than that, and of course those pre-orders are being done through an NFT minting process.

But before you open your wallet, there are a few notable gaps in Polium’s game plan. For starters, there are no games confirmed for the Polium One. The site shows a prototype UI that lists Grit, Axie Infinity, and Decentraland as titles, but none of those games have confirmed compatibility. Polium states that it’s "currently in talks with multiple game developers" to bring their titles to the Polium One.

There’s also no specifications available for this console, meaning we have no idea how Polium plans to out-perform a PS5 with its promised 8K graphics. Polium’s embarrassingly short business plan is full of buzzwords and hopeful language, but it’s also not clear how it plans to source parts for this next-gen console in a world suffering massive chip shortages.

But most tellingly, there’s little info on Polium as a company. We don’t know who they are, where they’re located, or how to contact them outside of a Discord channel. Plus, Twitter users have already noted how the company blatantly ripped off the GameCube logo for its console.

Given how crypto and NFT games are so full of scams that even the US government has finally decided to take action, I'd say keep your crypto for now.

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I certain;y won't be interested in this

Looks "cheap" and desperate


It was only. A matter of time. It won't go far. It's got no games first of all..


Yeah this is Soulja Boy activity. Simply trying to be "first" at something when there's already pay to play non fungibles out. Especially on a console? :NickYoungFace: lol

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