God of War: Ragnarok releases this November

God of War: Ragnarok finally has a confirmed release date, the latest instalment in the series will be released on November 9 this year.

In a brief cinematic trailer released today, PlayStation confirmed the release date for the title.

After much debate on whether God of War: Ragnarok was being delayed until 2023, it looks like Sony Santa Monica will be getting the game out this calendar year.

The trailer contains a voiceover from Kratos and Atreus speaking about overcoming fear and it appears to end with the pair facing down a giant wolf, possibly Loki’s son the monstrous wolf Fenrir if the game’s Norse themes are anything to go by.

PlayStation also released an unboxing video of the Collector and Jötnar editions of God of War: Ragnarok hosted by Ryan Hurst (the voice of Thor) and the game’s art director Rafael Grassetti.

The collector’s edition will contain a set of dwarven wooden dice, two Vanir twins carvings and a steelbook display case.

Both editions will contain digital codes for the full game, armour for Kratos, new attire for Atreus, handles and grips for the Darkdale Axe and Darkdale Blades respectively, a digital soundtrack and a digital mini-art book from Dark Horse. Both editions will also contain a 16-inch replica of Thor’s Mjölnir hammer.

The Jötnar edition will contain the same carvings and digital content but will have a different carved dice set. This edition will also contain a falcon, bear and wolf pin set, as well as a Draupnir ring and a cloth map of Yggdrasil, the world tree. Finally, the Jötnar edition will have a 7-inch vinyl record of the game’s soundtrack.

The wait is over, God of War: Ragnarok will be released on November 9 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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cant wait for this game so hyped


And we will be happily waiting on it's release :D


This game is the sole reason why I'm a little bit jealous of PS. And now it's on PC as well just burns my brain.


There games are amazing. Never get old this new one will be sick


lets goo this game is going to be soo good, love the story now so much


Just got into this from the 2018 release but I know this is still gonna be a banger

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