Diablo Immortal is making $1 million per day, despite criticism

Diablo Immortal is still making more than $1 million a day, despite criticism of its microtransaction model.

That’s according to data from AppMagic, published by MobileGamer.biz.

According to the data, the mobile entry in the Diablo franchise, which was released last month, has sustained a steady stream of revenue, despite ongoing criticism from fans of the series.

Revenue from the title peaked just over a week after launch, with Blizzard earning $2.4 million. However, now, over a month after release and with negative public sentiment still surrounding the game, Diablo Immortal is still pulling in more than $1 million per day.

The game, which surpassed 10 million downloads last month, allows players to purchase a large number of items from its in-game store.

Despite the strong revenue performance, Diablo Immortal has been met with a strongly negative reception from users. Earlier this month, the game’s Metacritic user score dropped to 0.2/10 – the lowest ever in the website’s history.

This included a report published during the game’s opening weekend that calculated that it could cost players up to $110,000 to fully upgrade a character in the game.

As outlined in a Reddit thread, there’s a whole level of upgrades that only unlocks once a player manages to get their 5-star gems to Rank 10. Doing this is estimated to cost up to $40,000 in loot boxes, according to the thread.

Shortly after launch, the game’s director Wyatt Cheng claimed on Twitter that the backlash to the game was “based on misinformation surrounding it”.

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Source: https://www.videogameschronicle.com/news/diablo-immortal-is-making-more-than-1-million-per-day-despite-criticism/


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fair play to them on making that amount per day


I'm always playing the one on my phone


I've been playing this game alot lately at work since it's been slow. The game itself is great for a mobile game, but it comes with the mobile game gimmicks. The amount of money you need to spend to get anything decent is absurd and I'm really surprised people are bothering. In all reality everybody is playing the same content and the whales are just playing at a higher difficulty. (Don't get me started on the PVP)


that's insane amount of money on a game people are playing for free!!


insane I need to make a game with micro transactions LOL

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