Valve planning $25 million ad campaign for Left 4 Dead 2


We've got bad news for boycotters out there, you're going to be seeing a lot of Left 4 Dead 2 in the coming months. Developer Valve is preparing a massive advertising push for the game, planning to spend $25 million on the campaign, a significant increase over the $10 million spent on the original Left 4 Dead. According to Valve boss man Gabe Newell, the sequel has "consistently run at 300% of Left 4 Dead's numbers," with Doug Lombardi noting that the game is already the most pre-ordered title in the company's history.
US zombie killers can expect to see ads during Monday Night Football and UFC bouts and also plastered on billboards, magazines and websites. European undead slayers will also bear witness to televised ads "during sports and lifestyle programming," some online marketing and traditional print and outdoor ads too.
Joystiq & Sons Advertising would like to offer the following marketing proposal to Valve: Door-to-door Zombie-grams. It's a lot like a candy-gram, except the delivery zombie eats the customer's brains. [Via Joystiq]



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Damn 25 million, this is going to be every where


i think they should but half of that into more work on the game make so added modes or something flooding everywhere with ads is a little ott