Final Fantasy 16 – Story Focus Mode and Wearable Assists Revealed

Square Enix’s Final Fantasy 16 is taking a more action-oriented approach to combat compared to previous titles. While some fans will no doubt miss the Active Time-Based and turn-based battles of yore, producer Naoki Yoshida spoke of a “comprehensive support system” for less action-savvy players. Speaking to Famitsu, Yoshida revealed Story Focus Mode which provides “wearable assists” to players.

“In Story Focus Mode, AI-implemented accessories are provided from the start, and Clive’s basic controls can be changed by attaching and removing them,” said Yoshida. One such item makes blocking attacks easier, increasing the window of opportunity. Another example involved, “Spectacular combos while switching between summons and abilities simply by pressing certain buttons.”

These assists thus allow players to pull off powerful offensive and defensive techniques on short notice, and can be tweaked based on their preference. It’s an approach that’s akin to providing more modern accessibility options like in The Last of Us Part 2, Ghost of Tsushima and so on. Whether there will be difficulty options (or Story Focus Mode is like Final Fantasy 7 Remake’s Story Mode in terms of challenge) remains to be seen.

Final Fantasy 16 is out in Summer 2023, exclusively for PS5.

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I'm going to wait until FFXX comes out :P


jeez dont think they will ever stop making these lol

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