Windows 11 now has 21% market share on Steam

Valve has published its latest Steam survey results, revealing new details about software and hardware preferences among its customers. According to the June 2022 report, Windows 11 has crossed the 20% mark and reached a 21.23% market share (+1.64 points). Steam's data is similar to what AdDuplex recently reported, claiming Windows 11 has a 23% share of the Windows market.

Windows 11's growth is inversely proportional to Windows 10's decline. Windows 10, a seven-year-old OS, has 71.26% (-2.63%) market share. Despite a steady loss of users, Windows 10 remains (and will remain) the most popular choice on Steam, for some time at least..

Finally, 64-bit Windows 7 is the third most popular OS on Steam, with a puny 3.01% share (+0.6 points).

Overall, Windows holds 96.37% of Steam customers (-0.31%), Apple's macOS is second with 2.45% (+0.25 points), and Linux is third with 1.18% (+0.06 points).

When it comes to hardware, not much has changed since May 2022. Here are the most popular PC components on Steam:

CPU: 4-core CPUs with clocks from 2.3 to 2.69 GHz. Intel has 68.47% (-1.28 points) and AMD has 31.51% (+1.29 points).

GPU: Nvidia has 75.86%, AMD has 14.80%, and Intel maintains 9.11%. The most popular graphics cards are Nvidia GTX 1060, Nvidia GTX 1650, and Nvidia GTX 1050 Ti.
RAM: 16 GB.

Video Memory: 8 GB.

Primary Display: 1920 x 1080.

VR: Oculus Quest has 49.02% (+1.03 points), Valve Index has 15.57% (-0.22 points), and Oculus Rift is third with 10.60% (-0.35 points).

Note: Participation in the monthly Steam Hardware and Software Survey is optional, which means there is always a margin of error.

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Windows 10 is where it's at bitches

I heard Windows 11 doesn't let you install 3rd party apps, so f*ck that


idk but im keeping windows 10 for a while

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