PlayStation VR2 Will Use Tobii Eye-Tracking Technology

In a recent press release, Sweden-based high-technology group Tobii revealed that PlayStation VR2 would use its eye-tracking technology. Negotiations between the two companies were announced in February 2022.

Tobii CEO Anand Srivatsa said, “PlayStation VR2 establishes a new baseline for immersive virtual reality (VR) entertainment and will enable millions of users across the world to experience the power of eye-tracking. Our partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is continued validation of Tobii’s world-leading technology capabilities to deliver cutting-edge solutions at mass-market scale.”

Revenue from the deal will reportedly make up over 10 percent of Tobii’s revenue for the year. It noted that the “rapid evolution of the VR industry” meant that revenue contribution guidance past 2022 was uncertain. As such, the company couldn’t offer any details on revenue potential for next year onwards.

This isn’t the first time Tobii’s technology has been used in VR headsets since it worked on a standalone VR design for Qualcomm. Its technology is also used in devices like the HTC Vive Pro Eye, HP Reverb G2 Omnicept Edition and Pico Neo 3 Pro Eye. PlayStation VR2 can be added to the list though the company hasn’t indicated when the head-mounted display will release.

Sony has yet to announce pricing and release details for the same stay tuned in the coming months. Various reports indicate a 2023 release though.

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Very interesting. Sure soon enough all other companies will have this too.


Not long now until reality is going to be VR 24/7


VR taking over lol. Now consoles just need to get phasmaphobia

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