Xbox has recorded another strong sales week in Japan

Xbox’s Japanese sales momentum continued last week with another decent showing for Series X/S consoles.

Having only managed to outsell PS5 on two previous occasions this console generation, Xbox Series X/S came close to doing so again during the week ended June 26.

According to data published on Famitsu, Xbox Series X sold 4,881 units and Xbox Series S sold 4,034, for a combined weekly total of 8,915.

Sales of Microsoft’s consoles fell narrowly short of Sony’s rival new-gen system, PS5, which sold 9,181 units, including 7,257 of the disc model and 1,924 of the Digital Edition.

While notable given how infrequently it occurs, sales of Xbox Series X/S matching those of PS5 speaks largely to the ongoing stock issues being faced by Sony in its home country.

Since the consoles launched in November 2020, PS5 has sold 1,703,184 units compared to Xbox Series X/S sales of 247,974 units.

Xbox Series X/S has outsold PS5 just twice on a weekly basis this generation, in mid-May and again earlier this month.

Nintendo Switch dominated Japanese hardware sales last week, moving 56,549 units across the standard, OLED and Lite versions of the console.

Having launched in 2017, Switch’s lifetimes sales in Japan recently surpassed 25 million units.

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Good for Xbox for strong sales in Japan.


It's just the matter of time when Sony gets the chips to do the PS5 nuts

Xbox is only successful in Japan because of this


crazy to me , ps5 is wayy better lmao

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