FIFA 23 Report Details Reveal Window

A new report has detailed when Electronic Arts will opt to reveal FIFA 23, which is the next entry in its long-running soccer simulation franchise. At this point in time, EA has already confirmed that FIFA 23 will be the last game that it releases that dons the FIFA name. And while FIFA in name will continue on with a new company, we now have an idea of when we should expect to get a look at EA's final game in the series.

Detailed in a new report from Exputer, it has been said that FIFA 23 will be formally shown off at some point in the coming month. Specifically, the game will likely be revealed by EA fully in the back half of July. A more specific window beyond this has yet to be provided, but given that FIFA 23 is poised to launch at some point this fall, it would stand to reason that this reveal estimate is an accurate one.

Outside of providing a reveal window, this report also sheds some light on some of the first details associated with FIFA 23. This year's game will supposedly feature crossplay, which is something that was also reported on a couple of months back. Beyond this, Exputer's report also states that the game won't be free-to-play, even though some rumors on the internet have recently suggested otherwise.

As mentioned, the most interesting thing so far about FIFA 23 is that it will be the last game by EA that features this name. Starting next year, EA will still develop and publish soccer games, but it will do so under the name "EA Sports FC." This marks the first time since 1993 that EA will release a soccer sim that doesn't contain the FIFA name. Conversely, FIFA itself will be passing on the franchise name to another company, although we still don't know who will help create this game in the future.

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Aaron__ Its all the same every year just different cards in the UT

yupp, fifa nba wwe all them are just major copy paste games anymore


Its all the same every year just different cards in the UT


There's nothing like a FIFA every year ffs


thought they were done with the fifa name after 22?

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