Microsoft warns about shortage of Xbox controllers

If you live in Europe, you may have difficulty buying a new Xbox Wireless Controller. After a couple of years of struggling to meet the demand for the latest Xbox consoles, Microsoft suddenly got hit by Xbox Wireless Controller supply issues.

Numerous retailers in Europe and the UK, including the Microsoft Store, are currently out of stock of Xbox Wireless Controllers. We learned during the last two years that prices rise when supply struggles, and, as a result, third-party retailers have nearly doubled their prices for Microsoft's controllers.

Some users might resort to Xbox Design Lab, which still accepts orders, but the price of a customized controller is higher than the standard one, plus it will take about 28 days for Microsoft to ship your gamepad. There is no information on whether Xbox Design Lab is affected by supply disruptions.

We know it may be hard finding Xbox Wireless Controllers right now due to supply disruptions. We’re working as fast as possible with our manufacturing and retail partners to improve this. Please check with your local retailer for availability.

The US appears unaffected by the problem as the standard Xbox Wireless Controller is available in numerous places. Moreover, right now, you can get the gamepad with quite a discount from the Microsoft Store.

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I remember when this was going on you could only find used ones IF you were lucky


When I'm buying a console the first time, I always make sure I also buy 2 additional controllers

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