Evil West Extended Trailer Showcases Progression & Boss Mechanics

Flying Wild Hog, the studio behind Shadow Warrior 3, is now working on a third-person shooter with a dark-fantasy-wild-west setting called Evil West. The game had a blasting showcase at The Game Awards 2021, and now we’ve got an extended version of the Evil West gameplay trailer, providing a more in-depth look at some of the mechanics.

Flying Wild Hog has already proven its talent in delivering chaotic shooter games with the Shadow Warrior series, but the team is now trying to deliver a similar bloody experience with brand new mechanics in a brand new setting.

Evil West is a third-person shooter set in a wild west flooded by vampiric monsters. Playing as a cowboy warrior, you will have the iconic western weapons at your disposal, but they will then be combined with your character’s incredible skills in performing melee combos on poor demons.

Similar to the studio’s previous titles, Evil West is a fast-paced shooter where you have to deal with large waves of enemies simultaneously. However, you have some great weapons that can be upgraded with eye-catching new abilities through dedicated skill trees. In addition to the weapons, your character’s melee combos can be upgraded too.

The extended version of the Evil West gameplay trailer also showcases two boss fights in the game, which can be pretty unforgiving if you make enough mistakes but don’t worry, it’s not trying to compete with Dark Souls.

Evil West is expected to feature an online co-op mode at launch, allowing players to team up with their friends and complete the story-driven campaign together. We haven’t seen any footage from the game’s co-op mode so far, but we’ll likely receive new information as we approach the release date. Also, it’s worth noting that the developers have not mentioned any couch co-op option, unfortunately.

Evil West is aiming for a September 20 release date. The game is planned to release on Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5 and PC.

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I certainly will be interested in playing this game when it's released

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