F1 22’s New Trailer Shows off PC-Exclusive VR Gameplay

EA and Codemasters have released a new trailer for the upcoming F1 22 that shows off some VR gameplay. The VR mode coming to F1 22 is going to be exclusive to PC. Check out the trailer below.

The VR mode will be available through the F1 Life mode for F1, F2, and supercars. All aspects of the racing will be playable in VR, right from heading to the grid, to the final seconds.

Earlier this month, senior game designer at Codemasters, David Greco, spoke about improvements to this year’s F1 game, talking specifically about aerodynamics and suspension.

F1 22 is set to feature an improved suspension model and collisions over the previous year’s release. Aerodynamics systems have also been redesigned from the previous game.

Because of the new systems, cars will be lower towards the ground, making bump stops much quicker. This also means that techniques like curb riding will be harder to pull off.

F1 22 is set to release on July 1 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Those who pick up the Champions Edition of the game will get early access to F1 22 on June 28.

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This definitely will be cool in VR

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