PC Game Pass Confirms More Games for June and July

Xbox has announced that two new games are coming to its popular subscription service, PC Game Pass. The two titles that have been announced will be coming to PC Game Pass in June and July.

Xbox is continuing to support its subscription service and pushing it to the forefront of the company's marketing, with a large part of the Xbox ecosystem being built on the foundation that is Game Pass. These two following games for PC Game Pass are the latest in a long list of titles being frequently added to bolster the impressive roster under the Game Pass banner. In the month of August alone, Xbox has three titles coming on day one to Game Pass.

The first of the two titles being added to PC Game Pass is Total War: Three Kingdoms, which was initially released in 2019 and will be coming on June 21st to the service. The Total War series has been going for two decades, bringing top-quality strategy games to PC players. Total War: Three Kingdoms drops players into China as they attempt to build an empire.

The second game on offer will be coming to PC Game Pass on July 5th, and that game will be Last Call BBS. It's been announced that Last Call BBS is to be developer Zachtronics' final game. The game is a blend of several puzzle mini-games, some fresh and some that helped make up previous titles in the Zachtronics catalog.

On the back of the Xbox and Bethesda showcase, Game Pass appears to be going strong. The two aforementioned titles can act as something to play during the wait for the games that were revealed and shown off during Xbox's showcase.

In the period before the conferences, there was a lack of exclusives on the way from Xbox for the remainder of 2022. However, a few hours of footage spread across two days has rectified that issue. One such game is the weird and wonderful looking High on Life, a first-person shooter from the creators of the hit TV show Rick and Morty. In the not-so-far future, there is also the highly anticipated Starfield to look forward to, which is currently penciled in for the first half of 2023.

Xbox is certainly putting an emphasis on Game Pass, and Microsoft may even feel that such an approach is necessary more than ever. For example. Sony has already begun has recently released its new tiered system for PS Plus, and Xbox will have to get used to having competition.

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Glad to hear it. Alot of people will be at home instead of being in college over the summer

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