Steam Deck User Gets a Game Boy Camera to Work On The Device

In its capacity to be an all-in-one PC for the mobile market, the Steam Deck has already been through a few changes to make it more versatile. For example, Valve added Windows support to the Steam Deck, meaning gamers can switch out the built-in OS for something more mainstream and PC-friendly. As well as continuing to make games compatible with the device and helping to push Linux to more users, the Steam Deck is being used to experiment with some other tech as well.

As spotted by PCGamesN, Reddit user emil10001 managed to take the Steam Deck and attach a Game Boy Camera to the system. A video shared in the thread shows the camera in action on the Deck's screen, in all its grainy and green glory. When asked about the setup, the user said that the camera goes from "Analogue Pocket w/ GB Camera -> Dock -> ATEM mini -> KVM" and then into the Deck itself. It's unlikely that the final result has any practical use and it seemingly takes a fair bit of hardware to get running, but it does show what's possible with Valve's portable PC.

It also demonstrates that the ancient Nintendo attachment is still getting some use in this day and age, despite production ceasing in 2002 after a four-year lifespan. Just last year, photographers used the Game Boy Camera to take impressive photos. That is to say, impressive for the technology being used. The images are still grainy and colorless, but it emphasizes the idea that just because a piece of technology is old, doesn't mean it can't still be used today.

Of course, adding gimmicky accessories to the device to show its versatility is great and shows a lot of skill, though it's not the crux of why people have been buying the device. The Steam Deck is built for playing PC games on the go, and although it was initially touted as a competitor to the Switch, it's clear that Valve wants this to represent the next step in mobile gaming, and since releasing in February, the platform seems to have proven its worth.

Although Valve delayed the release of the official Steam Deck dock, the device has continued to be a force to be reckoned with in the mobile market. It will be interesting to see what the tech and gaming giant has in store for the Steam Deck or whether it will usher in a series of copycat systems looking for a slice of the portable PC pie.

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Would love to see for them implementing this on the Deck

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