Xbox Insider Gives Fans Some Good News About Fable

There have been rumblings and rumors that Playground Games -- the developer behind Forza Horizon -- is having development woes with its Fable reboot. We've heard through these rumblings and rumors that the game's scope had to be reduced after getting too ambitious. We've also heard the team is simply having issues making an open-world RPG, not only because the engine they are using isn't meant for these types of games, but because they have minimal experience making these types of games.

At the moment, these are just rumblings and rumors. The project was announced back in July 2020. Since then, we've seen nothing about it and only heard troubling rumors. Having heard nothing about the game in almost two years is a potentially worrying sign. You'd expect the game to resurface this year, but it looks like it's not going to, suggesting the game was either announced too early or Playground Games are moving slowly with the project, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but it may seem like it to Fable fans.

Xbox just had its big E3-style show and the game was a no-show, which would be more alarming if the show wasn't focused on games releasing within the next 12 months. That said, while its no-show isn't as alarming as it looks, everything is starting to come together and fill the heads of Fable fans with some concerns.

If you're one of these fans, a new report has some decent news for you. According to Xbox insider and leaker, Jez Corden, the game's development has been "going fine." Now, Corden -- speaking on The Xbox Two podcast -- doesn't say the game's development is going well, but "fine" is certainly a lot better than what others have been floating. In other words, conflicting reports are better than one-way traffic saying the game is in trouble.

For now, take everything here with a grain of salt. None of this is official information. Officially, neither Playground Games nor Xbox are saying anything about the game, and we don't expect this to change this year.

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I certainly am interested for the reboot of this classic game


man fable is such a classic.

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