Sony is reportedly planning to announce new hardware

Sony Interactive Entertainment is reportedly getting ready to announce several new hardware products, including a PS5 ‘Pro’ controller.

In a report published on Try Hard Guides, industry insider Tom Henderson claims to have heard from several sources that the platform holder will unveil new hardware at the end June, although this won’t include a new console.

Described to Henderson as a “genuine professional controller” for PS5, the new pad will reportedly feature removable analogue sticks and grips, trigger stops, and back paddles.

Buttons under the analogue sticks are said to allow users to remove the analogue unit completely, presumably enabling them to replace it with a new one rather than having to buy another controller should issues like stick drift arise.

Henderson said he was provided with images of an alleged prototype for the PS5 Pro controller, which it’s claimed will have significant software upgrades.

Following reports of a delay, it was recently claimed that Sony will confirm a November release date for God of War: Ragnarök later this month.

While unclear, it’s speculated that Sony could be planning to announce the game’s release date as part of a wider event which also includes the reveal of new PlayStation hardware.

Sony held its latest State of Play live stream earlier this month. It featured reveals and updates mainly focused on PlayStation games from third parties, although it also showed off Sony’s PlayStation VR2 game Horizon Call of the Mountain.

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When the stock issues have been resolved....
I'll get a PS5, the PS5 'Pro' controller and the black case cover


that black ps5 case looks so damn clean

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