New Halo Infinite Update Makes Multiplayer and Campaign Changes

A new Halo Infinite update is live alongside patch notes, which in turn reveals that 343 Industries has made changes to both the game's campaign and multiplayer, in addition to quality-of-life improvements and general fixes. Unfortunately, there's nothing major with the update, nor is there any new content. Some of the more notable changes includes tweaks to grenades, improvement to stability on Xbox One, and a tweak to Ranked Arena matchmaking.

What we don't have is information on whether or not the update is game side or player side or, in other words, if it requires a download from the player or not. Of course, because we don't have this information, we also don't have any information about what the potential file size is. That said, we do have the patch notes, which you can check out below:

The following changes were made in the June 14, 2022 Drop Pod.

Season 2 artwork has been added to loading screens across the game.

All changes to Target Frame Rate in the Settings tab are now reflected in-game for Xbox Series X and Series S users.

Load times for the Battle Pass, Challenges, Customize and Shop menus have been improved.

The volume of the Disruptor's supercombine has been reduced when heard from a distance.

When both Battle Pass and Event rewards are unlocked in the same match, all unlocked rewards will now appear in the same post-match notification menu. Additionally, these menus will now consistently show all unlocked items.

Weapon racks and ammo crates in the Warship Gbraakon mission are now available consistently.

Music now plays consistently in the mission Conservatory and in the main menu.

The Ranked Arena matchmaking playlist is now unlocked by completing 25 matches in other non-Ranked playlists. This change will not apply to players who have already completed 25 non-Ranked matches prior to this update. Due to this change, some players on older versions of Halo Infinite will receive an "Unknown error" when searching in the Ranked Arena playlist. Download this Drop Pod update to continue playing Ranked Arena in matchmaking.

A new Fireteam Competitive Skill Ranking (CSR) limit has been implemented for Ranked matchmaking. For more information, please see the Fireteam CSR Limit article.

Xbox One stability has been improved to reduce instances of players not entering matchmaking sessions normally.

Alterations have been made to increase the durability of light vehicles (Wasp, Banshee, Mongoose) and medium vehicles (Warthog, Chopper, Ghost, Shade). Please see Halo Infinite Weapon, Vehicle, and Equipment Inventory for more information.
Unique icons have been added to the Custom Game menu to represent Land Grab and Last Spartan Standing modes.

Grenades exploding, respawning, and other effects will no longer repeatedly occur during gameplay.

Enemies can no longer be pinged when a wall or another obstacle is blocking them. A direct line of sight is now needed to ping an enemy's location.

Various issues tied to the User Interface (UI) Narration option in the Accessibility tab of the Settings menu have been resolved. For example: All sent messages in the chat window will now be read aloud as the user scrolls up or down through chat history. Players will now be informed when the chat window has been opened and closed. Narration now indicates where to invite players in the social menu. Instances of blank messages when text-to-speech is enabled have been resolved.

The text chat window will now consistently show the latest messages received. This issue may still occur if Speech-to-Text is enabled in the Accessibility tab of the Settings menu.

Halo Infinite is available via Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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